8 thoughts on “The Federation Drought 1896 to 1903

  1. James Pickett

    The funny thing is many have not figured out our current dry hot period is actually due to well below average Sea Surface temperatures around Australia. A positive IOD (record cold East Indian in this case) combined with a Modoki El Nino like Pacific (Cold Western) spells disaster for us every time. The broadscale pattern is suppressed with little or no cloud cover, it’s not rocket science lol

  2. Tim Grugeon

    If you have a look at the droughts prior to 1950, they were far more frequent and more prolonged than what we have had in the past 70 years. Australia wide, our rainfall has increased. It was only in 2011, 8 years ago, that Australia experienced its wettest year on record. This beat the previous wet year of 1974.

  3. Ben McBurney

    Even if you take out the whole CO2 debate, I think it’s pretty ignorant to think that cutting down billions of trees and replacing it with agriculture or concrete wouldn’t affect the climate. Obviously droughts have always happened but I’ve just watched things over the last 20 years get hotter and hotter with records falling often. The last two summers have been insanely hot and this one might be too. I’ll happily eat my words if things shift again

  4. Ben McBurney

    I do agree re the warming 1980s to 1990s. But also 1990s into 2000s? And even more so since then. Cold records definitely occurred and still do occur, 2010 held a number of record cold temps across the country for cold maximum temps due to the huge amount of cloud and rain.

    That’s a good question.. not entirely sure about that one. Would be more of a Blair question, they must have had their ways.

    I guess the final one is a matter of preference, and probably involves some political correctness. Some areas might become cooler.. some warmer (the majority from what I’ve seen), some wetter (western TAS, northwest WA), others drier. It wouldn’t cover everything obviously. This latest bushfire event, the drought definitely played a role, however the SSW event (which contributed to the strongly negative SAM) IMO had nothing to do with climate change.. was just a perfect storm of events that lead to what we are seeing.. plus a myriad of sociopaths lighting fires.

  5. Ken Kato

    Cameron Hinezy as mentioned many times before, the whole “this sort of thing’s happened before so it’s normal” mentality is absolutely meaningless in terms of climate change if you don’t take into account any longer term trends in its frequency and intensity.

    It’s like me going to Melbourne on a record hot 49C day and concluding it must be like that all the time there because it was once that hot before.

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