Tasmania Hailstorm Warning 24th January 2014
Hailstorm Tasmania 24th January 2014
Hailstorm Tasmania 24th January 2014

A rare severe thunderstorm warning was issued this afternoon with hail the main threat! This storm seemed to develop and track along a boundary. The coastline when zoomed into the area is generally east west. I wonder if there was an outflow boundary drifting from the northern activity earlier in the day. Check the radar for the whole radar sequence.


15:50 TAS Severe T'storm (hail) for East Coast: Coles Bay and Bicheno ewn.com.au


See : 256km Radar Loop for Hobart (Mt Koonya), 09:00 23/01/2014 to 09:00 24/01/2014 UTC

5 thought on “Tasmania Hailstorm Warning 24th January 2014”
  1. For those hungry NSW chasers, check out Tasmania – even if it got a warning this afternoon! Check the radar here!

  2. Where are the storms in sydney……there has not been any storms in the last 3-4 weeks! Any in the forecast at all for rest of summer or is north nsw and se qld going to hog them all!!!!!

  3. Donna, this is a particularly bad season for storms in general. Hopefully there will be some in February to April period!

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