Sydney Lightning SW Suburbs 23rd January 2015

Chased the storms that were approaching Camden yesterday from Picton. Quite lightning active and some reasonable structures around! In one case, the lightning pulsed several times and a fire ball at the point of contact could be observed! SW-Sydney-lightning-23rd-Janury-2015-18 SW-Sydney-lightning-23rd-Janury-2015-16 SW-Sydney-lightning-23rd-Janury-2015-15 SW-Sydney-lightning-23rd-Janury-2015-08 SW-Sydney-lightning-23rd-Janury-2015-04After this storm, I moved towards Plumpton to watch the last cell near Penrith which also was lightning active as Harley Pearman confirmed!SW-Sydney-lightning-23rd-Janury-2015-01