Sydney Lightning SW Suburbs 23rd January 2015

Chased the storms that were approaching Camden yesterday from Picton. Quite lightning active and some reasonable structures around! In one case, the lightning pulsed several times and a fire ball at the point of contact could be observed! SW-Sydney-lightning-23rd-Janury-2015-18 SW-Sydney-lightning-23rd-Janury-2015-16 SW-Sydney-lightning-23rd-Janury-2015-15 SW-Sydney-lightning-23rd-Janury-2015-08 SW-Sydney-lightning-23rd-Janury-2015-04After this storm, I moved towards Plumpton to watch the last cell near Penrith which also was lightning active as Harley Pearman confirmed!SW-Sydney-lightning-23rd-Janury-2015-01

3 thoughts on “Sydney Lightning SW Suburbs 23rd January 2015

  1. Harley Pearman

    These are great lightning photos. I saw this storm in the distance to the south and I contemplated going down to that region to investigate it at one stage. As it was, a separate storm cell developed near Luddenham to the north of that cell so I concentrated on that one. At least both storm cells across the outer south west Sydney were covered in some capacity.

    The cell I experienced was similar to the cell Jimmy intercepted. It too was lightning active but I did not do any lightning photography on the cell I intercepted. In my case and despite the lightning, I concentrated on cloud structure and tried to look for hail fall. I found no hail despite keeping up with the base over a wide area. Instead, I did enjoy some localised flooding from heavy rain and a magnificant rainbow to conclude the event.

    As it was, I had a scare which could have been serious if I had completely gone away from the car or left the car. I had parked my car close to two power poles (not underneath them) but some 15 metres away. I had the car door open but I was seated inside. I turned my head to look towards the power poles and a powerful lightning strike blasted something so close. I heard an explosion as well as a blinding flash of light with an instant ear piercing thunderclap. I am just glad I was in the car and not out.

    My storm produced a number of powerful lightning strikes in a small area just east of Luddenham before the storm went into decline. I will attach some images once I have worked on my photos.

  2. Harley Pearman

    Please find a small selection of photos from my storm. As stated, I did not target the lightning strikes in my storm but went for structure instead.

    The second photo was taken from the southern side of the storm and I was viewing this base. It would be interesting to see what the base looked like from the eastern side. This disappeared quite rapidly after I took a number of photos of this.

  3. Harley Pearman

    The storm produced some localised flooding due to the amount of rain falling and its slow movement.

    Towards the end of its life, I was treated to a spectacular double rainbow. The rainbow ended the chase thereafter and I returned home.

    By the time the rainbow was visible, the storm had stopped producing lightning flashes.

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