As potent upper level system with cold air aloft and ample moisture made it's way in eastern NSW during the day. Storms developed on the central Tablelands some of which became severe including supercells. Tornadoes were reported from Bathurst, Mudgee and near Narrabri in the Central West and North West Slopes and Plains. Unfortunately, these tornadoes caused extensive damage to property and injuries were reported from the  tornado near Bathurst. A tornado outbreak of this nature in these regions have not occurred since 29th September 1996! This was a day after in terms of 25 year anniversary - a 1 in 25 year event!

In Sydney, storms were brief but later in the afternoon a supercell developed warned for giant hailstones. This moved in from the northwest from near Oakville through to Castle Hail dumping large to possibly giant hailstones.

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