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Study: many extreme weather events were caused by climate change

An annual report on weather studies shows a disturbing — and growing — trend.


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9 thought on “Study: many extreme weather events were caused by climate change”
  1. It is getting tiresome seeing continued efforts to spread alarm and panic over climate change. Emotion is the single handed way to control people. These reports do exactly as intended and that is to direct people away from opposing research by creating emotion.

  2. Gotta love how they let the ten year old child out of the cage and overcook the image colour to make it look all apocolyptic. More alarmist idiocy.

  3. What is being explored more these days is event attribution; attempt to quantify the contribution of anthropogenic climate change to an event such as the bushfires. It’s an evolving field.

  4. Look how many of the bushfires have been lit by teenagers and arsonists. This time of year always sees a peak in arson and this year it’s worse because of the drought

  5. next year it will flood again and they will scream climate change yet again and blame the government.

  6. Most of the fires on extreme days or above are arson. The RFS are pretty much onto these within minutes and they are generally extinguished rapidly. You could set up a base at South Nowra and another Kanahooka/Berleley and be sure to have something to put out. However many of the big fires in NSW start in remote areas from lightning, they may sleep for days until the hot NW winds bring them out of their dens like dragons. Access by maintained fire trails would help.

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