Structured severe storms 13th February 2012

Today was a spectacular day. Chased 3 hailstorms - well the Blue Mountains cell I did not go after but looked at the structure from a distance as I did not want to get caught out in case the Central Coast took off. The cell through Katoomba has some decent structure I must admit for about 20 minutes whilst I looked at it and then the usual collapse stage.Structured severe storms 13th February 2012Structured severe storms 13th February 2012

Given Schofields was in the EWN warning, I decided to head for that cell and although I could not catch the first stage, the northern end intensified and produced hail to at least 2 cm in diameter - some probably larger.Structured severe storms 13th February 2012 I let it go and headed for home.Structured severe storms 13th February 2012

Jeff Brislane was onto a cell with a very large nicely structured updraft but given it was near Camden, I let it go. I watched the radar and the inevitable collapse did not occur as I first had thought and the outflow produced another cell just south of Penrith. Structured severe storms 13th February 2012This persisted and eventually became severe warned. I decided to head to a local lookout and to my astonishment, it seemed to have a beaver tail! I watched this cell for at least half an hour to an hour as it gradually went through different phases and even showed signs of base rotation closer in to the notch. Jeff Brislane was closer to this cell and his images and video shows a wet RFD cut during this rotation stage. After this, the cell went into the usual collapse phase - Structured severe storms 13th February 2012precipitation on the front and contaminating the updraft air.Structured severe storms 13th February 2012