Tornado in Mulwala 21st March 2013

Update - you need to check this - easily to this date the best tornado footage ever filmed in Australia!
Original Source Channel 7
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Tornado in Mulwala

There is a definite tornado confirmed by this video from last night. The evidence of this tornado is the tornadic funnel but the touchdown is also confirmed by the power flashes! This means that tornadic winds are shorting power lines in the vicinity of the tornado. Apparently damage has been reported.

Storms are expected in western NSW today and probably extending into northern and eastern Victoria. cape_nsw_21st_march_2013This is the beginning of an episode of storms for the next several days in eastern Australia!

Strong winds are also anticipated in Victoria perhaps accompanying or following this activity as the weather system impacts the region. A short wave trough is impacting the region and will extend further east over the coming days.

From the ABC


Yarrawonga tornado



  • Jeff Brislane

    Have a look at this satellite image overlaid with the observations from 6pm on the 21st of March. Mt Buller has a 45knt Northerly and at lower elevations further north there is a 20knt NE/NNE wind. With temperature/dew points of 20/17 and storms moving into this region with strong turning wind shear and high instability you would think that surface based storms would develop with a high potential for tornados. What a set-up!

  • Jeff Brislane

    Best footage of an Australian tornado I’ve ever seen! Tis the season for beautiful tornadoes.