Storms & Waterspout Tornado NSW South Coast 18 November 2012


A tornado was observed and wodely filmed by on lookers on the South Coast region of Batehaven. This represents one of the most impressive tornadoes spawned by a supercell off the South Coast. Extensive video from several angles have provided ample visual documentation of this particular tornado of the storms's behavour and structure! The tornado was in a stove pipe stage for an extensive period of its life cycle. It seems to begin entering a rope out stage after more than 5 minutes.



  • Wow wow looks so much like the Sydney to Hobart Yatch Race spout from 2001! This storm season has really made up for the poor start!

    Wow wow looks so much like the Sydney to Hobart Yatch Race

  • Jeff Brislane

    Not only the tornado though, the cell itself is a beautiful textbook classic supercell, albiet probably low topped, but still a genuine classic supercell with what looks like a strong stovepipe tornado. Flipping awesome! I would give every storm chase ever to be even on the beach there, and even better if I was out in a boat!

  • Taken this afternoon near Batehaven.

  • I love this particular video as it shows more of the supercell structure and rotation!

  • Nice to see originality!

  • This one shows the morphology of the tornado including the beginning of the rope out stage!

  • Sorry about the added videos but each show one more feature not easily observed on another – this one is zoomed in and shows how the RFD pushes down behind the tornado!

  • Just out of interest Jeff, where were you thinking of targeting had you the opportunity to chase on the Sunday?

  • Jeff Brislane

    Jimmy, I would have chased from Bermagui to Bega and Merimbula so the far south coast. That way I would have options of heading up to the tablelands if things up there were more interesting. I doubt I would’ve been in position to see this tornado if I did chase down there as the region immediately around Batemans Bay has too many trees for my liking.