Storms NE NSW March 24 2013

I thought I had missed out on todays storms due to work. Dan sent me an awesome pic of a shelf cloud from Woolgoolga while I was stuck inside. Luckily this storm formed a bit later on and I was able to get out to a nearby car park on my break and take these pics. Awesome structure!!




13 thoughts on “Storms NE NSW March 24 2013

  1. Jimmy Deguara

    Do you have any timelapse? It would be interesting to see how the wind flows in the many directions at the various levels.

  2. Dan Stewart

    yer i chased from coffs to woolgoolga to woodburn to ballina got a few good shelf clouds a little timelapse here and there

  3. Glen Tipler

    have heaps of timelapse from at least 4 different cells from inverell through to warick from sunday 24th…. they look stunning & will have a video done up by the end of the week =)

  4. Jimmy Deguara

    Dan Stewart great contrast in the panoramas and great to see you utilising the Woolgoolga look out. Great storms up that way.

  5. Jimmy Deguara

    Kane, thanks for the time-lapse. It reveals the forward motion of the lower level shelf cloud. It looks quite clean and spectacular!

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