Storms Lithgow and Wollemi 22nd December 2012

1222jd01I had lost the opportunity to chase near Lithgow which was my target as my step daughter called in to work! When I realised without notice she was able to get the bus home, I was too lazy to chase Lithgow! I made an effort to chase the storm heading for Putty from Lithgow. It put up a nice clean structure. But it eventually weakened.

I was intent on returning home but just in case took the long way home! I mean via Bilpin! I took a look at the exploding storms near Lithgow after missing a closer look at the Jenolan activity. I could hear some very loud thunder in the distance from 20 to 30 km distance line of sight. I did not pursue the activity as it would have been catch up time!1222jd11 1222jd191222jd251222jd341222jd40



  • Harley Pearman

    Being limited due to Christmas party activities and celebrations, I managed to photograph a storm cell over the Blue Mountains late Saturday afternoon just prior to that end of year party celebration. The photos I took are taken from Faulconbridge looking in a westerly direction. After I took these, the cell went into decline. I did photograph good sharp photogenic anvil cloud. I heard the ocassional distant thunderclap but did not see any lightning strikes. This storm did not last long.

  • Harley Pearman

    Anvil cloud as the storm cell peaked.

  • Harley Pearman

    The anvil of the storm spreads out towards me.

  • Ben

    Nice pics guys. Shame no one got onto the line that moved towards Mudgee and the Gulgong cell.. would have been potentially an awesome night for lightning! Was a bit of tree damage around Gulgong on the way home too.