ByNick Moir

Nov 9, 2012

Storms Central NSW 9th November 2012

By Nick Moir

Photographer for Fairfax Media and specialising in severe weather and bushfires

2 thought on “image”
  1. That is one nice base – low bases are ripe to producing tornadoes given it could have attained sufficient rotation.

  2. David and Mal, do you think that the mesocyclone and associated funnel occurred further along from the main core along the flanking line? David you may recall the 2nd February 2005 supercell a d tornado seem to occur from a new updraft along the flanking line? I know this is not the same beast but it seem this funnel us further along the flanking line. At one stage the storm seemed to look fairly linear and then I get home and see this hook being posted!

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