Sixty Minutes Interview Jimmy Deguara and Dave Croan way back in 2004

As part of our yearly pilgrimage, Liz Hayes and the professional Sixty Minutes crew chased along side us on a few days in Tornado Alley during the May 2004 season! It was certainly a pleasure to be able to chase and in an excellent season with 20 tornadoes showing Sixty Minutes what chasing was all about! Even whilst we were doing an interview, a storm approached Oklahoma City which became tornado warned. But the true test was trying to navigate the same crew into a mega-supercell - a literal giant that controlled the whole of Oklahoma with multiple tornadoes and a huge mesocyclone approaching you guessed it Oklahoma City. We intercepted this supercell with tornadoes near Geary but unfortunately was not able to get the Sixty Minutes crew down through the supercell due to bad reception, difficult road network and putting them through danger. They were only entering the northern part of the core and had experienced near base ball sized hailstones - this storm produced grapefruit sized hailstones. Nevertheless, it was an awesome privilege to be able to work with such an excellent crew with Liz Hayes! This video re-surfaced recently amongst the archives!

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