Severe Storms Southern Tablelands 9th March 2014


Lightning Braidwood 9th March 2014

Lightning Braidwood 9th March 2014

0309jd110 What a spectacular day for a day with little wind shear. Once the moisture headed in the storms took off and the structures were quite spectacular. The lighting allowed for high contrast photograph opportunities. There was hail drifts south of Tarago and no doubt elsewhere. It was this cell that prompted the warning later in the evening. Here is the radar from this day See : 128km Radar Loop for Canberra, 21:00 08/03/2014 to 21:00 09/03/2014 UTC
Other storms earlier!0309jd044 0309jd075 0309jd099 0309jd120 0309jd148 0309jd149 0309jd167























Video of the storm near Tarago

Second lot of time-lapse footage from the storms near Braidwood up to half an hour prior to the cell near Tarago

Lake Bathurst Cell Timelapse from when I got it



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    Awesome stuff Jimmy. I was pretty much in the same spot from start to finish so not much to add!

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