Scattered storms at Goulburn and Crookwell 17 February 2012

On Friday 17 February 2012, I undertook a storm chase around the Goulburn / Crookwell region. During, the early part of the afternoon, I sat at Memorial Park overlooking Goulburn watching thunderstorm cells and cloud towers build to the south slowly making their way northward towards me. A few of my favourite ones are attached. These were pulse storms but photogenic in nature and they make for great contrasts.

Following that, a storm built to the north west towards Crookwell which I chased down around Crookwell. This storm produced substantial rainfall as it slowly decayed. I drove back to Goulburn to expeience further storms during the evening before returning to Sydney late at night.

On this day, I found that numerous pulse storms were propogating then decaying and where one storm decayed, a new storm would build nearby. At sunset, I remember several storms cells merging to form a cluster of storm cells which weakened in intensity late into the night.




  • Harley Pearman

    One of my favourite photo is this thunderhead picture. It did not last long but provided great contrast. This eventually merged with other cloud towers. I do not know what happened to this cluster of storm as I went chasing the northern storm cell over Crookwell before returning to Goulburn a few hours laters close to evening.