Large funnel cloud NE NSW 18 November 2012

Any thoughts about what was observed here? I had to boost the contrast as the light was fairly harsh. The storm developed south of Urbenville during the afternoon of 18th November. The photos are of the right mover of a split from 04.05 UTC

128km Radar Loop for Brisbane, 03:00 18/11/2012 to 06:00 18/11/2012 UTC

First photo shows the cumulonimbus structure, then zoomed in after that.



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  • A substantial SE wind shift developing during the afternoon. I recall winds seemed fairly light at our location at the time – which was approx 40km ESE of the funnel cloud. Jason Paterson should have some video. Yeah it seems a bit too large to just be a funnel though you can’t see any contact to the ground from those shots.