Mild day for mid November

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Another fairly mild day for mid November with the max only reaching about 25. The dew point fell away to 10 later today - certainly a sign the atmosphere has only slightly recovered from the powerful cold front last week. In fact it's really just the shallow seabreeze moisture otherwise the DP would be well below 10.

Highlight in the sky today was some tiny cumulus from the east, a thin layer of smoke from the south which was fairly high up - not sure where that is originating from, and then some cirrus from the west. Bring back the high humidity and storms thanks !


Dry conditions continue under ridge

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Warming up by the looks - a day off today. Might go for a drive. Not much in the way of storms anticipated with a ridge in place. With so much extremely dry air centred inland, the air is bound to warm and lead to dangerous bush fire conditions. talking about drought - we have not had a flood for almost 15 years now. Dam capacities are at an all time low. In all we require a substantial change in rainfall patterns.