10.6mm here so far

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Hi Jimmy - only 10.6mm here so far though that is certainly welcome. Lots of showers with embedded storms coming in from the NE though they are not getting inland with much rain.

Had a great day on the Saturday hailstorm chase despite the car problems. Got it 'fixed again' this morning and I managed to get a brand new tyre worth $90 for $20 so can't complain now.


With the northern cell from the 7th, what makes you say definite multicell given its about 200km from radar at the time? Rodney should be over tonight or tomorrow so we can look at all the photos from that date. The lack of pics from the others who were out there is annoying, especially from those who claimed it was classic supercell early on.

17.6mm rainfall this morning

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Awoke to some more rain but even then the total of rainfall until this morning is 17.6mm a far cry from some of the deluges that have occurred elsewhere. Perhaps more rain today - cumulonimbus moving in from the east!

The cell Rodney chased was definitely multicellular but then did a merger on radar. I am wandering whether they were still with it at that time as it was motoring along!