Lithgow cell was a beauty – today seems to indicate more activity

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Pass my happy birthday wishes to Katrina - goodness 15 years of age. I knew her as a todler - we must be getting old:)

Yes the Lithgow cell was a beauty. Love that lightning shot as well -  it shows erratic behaviour. You have certainly used the camera wisely with regards to the amount lightning shots this season!

Today seems to indicate more activity - may go out for a chase.


Lithgow supercell was amazing

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Yes well - the Lithgow supercell was amazing !!  Always great to see what's going on in the field when you are stuck at home watching radar.  Certainly a very significant event.

This is one of the photos I got from the Mallanganee lookout.

Today is cooler and cloudy so will get stuck into some paving work after I finish my paid work. It is Katrina's 15th birthday so we are going out for dinner tonight.