Ridge persists decreasing chances of storms

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Bit warmer and more humid today - at the surface at least. Looks more likely there will be some cells in the Dorrigo to Glen Innes region this afternoon.  The QLD ridge (QUIDGE) is poorly positioned and not bringing in deep low level mositure. The pattern is more typical of January I think when the quidge can shut down storms in coastal locations for a week or two.

Very dry and hot – 41C at nearby Penrith

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Awoke to yet another red sunrise with altocumulus cover and a reminder of smoke from the threatening bushfires. Very dry and hot as well - it got to 41C at nearby Penrith and today still anticipated to reach near 40 - well 38C is near enough. Actually Michael, was there convection nearby or near Dorrigo? This ridge has a real strong hold and creating only elevated convection and a few light showers.

I guess the whole mood represents the funeral service I am attending today. My close friend Roger, who was very influential in introducing my first weather meeting, passed away last Friday after a long battle with cancer.