Northern Tablelands Storm Chase 23rd December 2016

A sample of the photographs from this very long 10 hour storm chase! We went from Guyra eventually through to Tingha and Bundarra and then to Uralla. From there we went to Kentucky and near Woolbrook and Niangala and down to Tamworth region and then down to Murrundi for the lightning show - this was the last storm in the complex! Lightning from the first Guyra storm complex - rolling shutter. Picture of the car tyre obliteration included!

As of 10pm, we have just finished chasing. Noon near Guyra through to Bundarra to Uralla to tough chasing country as we went through to Niangala and then on to Tamworth where we passed several cells to Murrurindi until 10pm might be a 2am arrival for me.

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