NE NSW / SE QLD Severe Storms 6 January 2012

Some photos from the storm chase Jason Paterson and I did yesterday through parts of the Northern Tablelands and Darling Downs regions.

Early convection was very low topped but a cell finally took off just northeast of Tenterfield. This cell was quite lightning active. We chased it along the Mount Lindsay Highway to Legume. We didn't quite make it in front and got hit by strong winds and hail to 2cm at Liston.

Proceeded on to Killarney where they had just copped a microburst. A small funnel roped out in the mid levels on the western flank.

After a while more storms spread northwards from NSW into the Killarney area. This LP looking storm had virtually no lightning but had great contrast in the late afternoon sun. Jason will have a nice timelapse video of it. It also produced microbursts and photogenic skies to our east.

The final show was this storm which was initially southwest of Warwick and tracked NNW before dying after sunset. It punched much higher than any other convection we saw - and also has some lightning. The anvil was impressive.

Thanks to Jason for all the driving - about 700ks! A bit more lightning sure would have topped off the chase.


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