Microburst Hits Northern Beaches 19th December 2021

by Rodney Avery

I was at Dee Why beach when a microburst hit at about 3:30 this afternoon. The wind and rain started to pick up just before I finished lunch, and as I was leaving I saw the rain rapidly approaching from the west, so I backtracked into the takeaway and watched it all from there. The worst of it lasted no more than about ten minutes, but it brought down lots of branches from the pine trees in the beachfront park plus a few of the tops of the trunks too. I saw two branches down on cars, fallen powerlines plus a metal roof part of which ended up on the road and some of it draped over the roof of another building. Heading home I only saw a few branches down a bit inland, so maybe areas right on the beachfront were worst hit.
Attached are a couple of pics I took.

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