Insane Lightning and Structure
Insane Lightning and Structure
Insane Lightning
Insane Lightning

Some pictures from Kyogle to Beaudesert supercell. I missed the structure that Jason Paterson, James Harris and others got due to twice missing turn-offs which then took me into the hail - giant hail. I still enjoyed the chase because there was so much uncertainty as to the cap breaking and the structure showed textbook organisation! And it broke in spectacular fashion. Lightning was insane and dangerous! You were not safe outside I can assure you! One bolt literally hit a tree 10-20 metres away. Instant canon! Smoke rose briefly after impact! At least two fire balls on the hills the bolts being extremely energetic! Great day and also bringing out the adrenaline. I have not had any giant hail this season so this is the first! That was my target for this chase.
On the way up, after leaving 6am - dropping off the kids to my wonderful mother, drove non-stop up to Grafton, stopped for fuel and a quick meal as I headed north to save time and up the road police came past. He did not stop the car ahead of me - he stopped me! No I was not speeding not doing anything wrong. Ahh breath test. He then says in his American voice - "Can I have your drivers license please" - followed by "is your car registered" - how insulting (just cause my car is peppered with hail dents on every panel and looks like the surface of the moon can you judge me pal (i never told him that). Followed by "Why is your license expired?"
"Expired? I didn't know?"
"Where are you headed?"
"Casino." (Only one road north I guess).
The card said 3rd September 2016. "I will run a background check?" I took a bite of my meat pie but decided to throw it back down... Comes back and says that the expiry date had somehow scratched off the 8 to a 6! 2018. I was off on my way:) Basically drove straight through Casino into the storm.

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