Insane Supercell Structure Dumas, Texas May 18 2010

Impressive Supercell in the Texas Panhandle near Dumas 18th may 2010. I am pretty sure that I passed near brief spin-ups in the hook on this event! But this structure did it for me! I was out of position earlier as I had a 6 hour old model data and had to race northwards when I knew that something was wrong visually as soon as I got to my target. I was inside the dryline bulge! Rather than play around with models at this point, I contacted Tim Marshall and he suggested head north which I did. I raced north and watched the supercell exploding over the region near Dumas. I met Daniel Shaw along the road and chased with him for a short while before we stopped at different locations. I had to get these high contrasted shots of structure! #storm #supercell #tornado #structure #Dumas

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