If someone is not from Europe can they get the health insurance card?

If someone is not from Europe can they get the health insurance card?

If you’re a storm chaser who is considering travelling to Europe, then there is a health insurance card known as the EHIC which is a health insurance arrangement between member states of the EAA including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic and many more. The countries in Europe which are not included in the EAA under EU law are not covered under the European Health Insurance Card, and while renewing an e111 card is important for anyone who is a citizen of one of these countries, this isn’t the case for those living in countries like Australia. This is one of the most common questions that Australian residents who holds a passport from one of the EU member states asks, but under the EHIC, they are not covered. However, there is an alternative, and if you are looking to travel into the heart of the storm in Europe, you may want to know this as there is a high risk of injury in this field.

Reciprocal Health Care Agreements

Australia, and some other countries such as New Zealand, has set up some health care agreements with EU countries including Finland, Italy, Ireland, Malta, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. Under these agreements people who are not from Europe but are travelling to the certain countries within the continent can be provided with emergency medical treatment in the country that they are visiting. General medical services are only provided when the need for treatment happens during the visit and this cannot be delayed until the traveller returns home. This is extremely important information for Australians and while this should be not be a substitution for travel insurance under any circumstances, it may help if you are in a country that has one of these agreements in place.

What To Do If You Wish To Be Treated Under The Agreements?

If you fall ill or are in need of emergency medical treatment when you are in one of the countries that covers this then you will need to know how to be treated. You must advise the medical staff in the country you are visiting when you go to the hospital that you wish to be treated under it, and to prove your eligibility you will have to show your Australian passport or other passport which proves you are permanent citizen, or a valid Medicare card.

What Does The Health Care Agreement Cover?

If you do get injured when you’re chasing a storm, then it is important to get treated immediately in case it turns out to be a medical emergency. The health care agreement that Australia has with some of the countries will cover the cost of any essential medical treatment that is needed, and some services and subsidised medicines can be provided, although this is not a regular occurrence and any medicine that you need while you’re travelling should be taken with you. These subsidised health care agreement services may help to ensure that you are taken care of if you are injured or fall ill and are in need of emergency treatment before you go home.

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