Hot Conditions from October 20 2012

Generally, summer like conditions are anticipated in northern NSW and SEl Queensland. Temperatures of up near 40 degrees may occur in this region on the 20th October. However, similar conditions are expected during next week in between SE changes racing up the coast line. Hopefully this will give rise to some storms sooner than later.

4 thought on “Hot Conditions from October 20 2012”
  1. Dangerous bushfire conditions are anticipated for the northeast part of the state from the Hunter north.

  2. Looks as though Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour achieved an all time October record at 39C today.

  3. 41.6 at Evans Head on Saturday – record October temp for any NSW Coastal location. Got to 37.5 at my place east of Lismore. Had over ten 30+ days this month.

  4. Michael, I had Evans Head in mind on this day based on past history. Not bad for summer let alone October.

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