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Extensive period of heat last days to even weeks

Record high temperature at Penrith 48.9C 4th January 2020

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Record high temperature at Penrith 48.9C

Let’s say a long hot day for Sydney with temperatures quickly getting to the 40s by 11am and then into the mid-40s likely by 1pm until 5pm ish or so. Keep hydrated and stay away from the fire zones. Also take care of animals.

Edit: temperatures on par with forecasts - take a look at Goulburn 37C at 600 metres above sea level.

Edit: We are behind the generally accepted 11am 40C rule of thumb but given the long day it will likely get there as the air mixes out. The issues are high dew points yet again! They need to drop for such extreme conditions with 19C dew points across Sydney. In fact the air is not particularly dry at this point - will they dry out later though?

Edit: Thanks Michael Bath for forwarding the sounding - surprise surprise another inversion that needs to be mixed out.

Edit: into the 40s across western and central Sydney before noon - dew points slowly dropping 16C in Richmond and 42C air temperature. Thsnks for the information Matt Smith. Latest radar shows fire plume near Warragamba awakening

43C Richmond and Penrith at noon.

Added pictures outlining bushfire Warragamba region -radar coincides with stringer echo with pyrocumulus also forming from stronger updrafts

45.3C already 12:30pm dew points rapidly dropping

47.2C Penrith at 1pm - this is closing on the record hottest ever temperature in the Sydney basin!

Winds have picked up here and temperatures have just hit 47.6C just shy of the Richmond record of 1939.

48.2 at Penrith new record for western Sydney! Thanks Matt for the update

48.4C thanks Matt!

Keeps going up 48.5C

48.6C and finally 48.9C - a new record surpassing the Richmond temperature of 47.8C set in 1939!


Fire tornado breaks out on Kangaroo Island

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A fire tornado develops on the periphery of the fire! Consequently the wind interacts with the inflow on the other side causing spin. Obviously the side by side shear creates a tornado combing with extreme heat.

I wonder if this is the type of tornado caused a fatality a few days ago. However we know that may have been stronger. This is spectacular but rather scary. Interesting to see just how the low grass got singed sideways. Did you notice the fire inflow jet coming around the side?