Heat Wave, Drought and Bushfires Victoria and NSW 18th January 2014

heat wave bushfires NSW Vic 18th January 2014Emergency warnings are still in place for regions in north western Victoria and eastern South Australia as bushfires threaten communities with the wind change causing the concerns. In NSW, particularly the inland, it will be very hot with expected maximum temperature at Ivanhoe to hit 44C and many other locations to reach into the low 40s. Some farmers are suggesting that this drought is more severe than many other droughts given the extent of the lack of rain and intense heat! The situation is critical across most of Australia with some areas receiving very little if any rain.

It seems, the end is in sight for some locations as the tropical low winds its way down western Australia dragging tropical moisture and introducing cooler conditions across the interior. Another trough of low pressure may develop in NSW in several days into early next week with the possibility of widespread moderate rainfall.