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Storms that produce hailstones

Tornadoes and large hail reported

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Ongoing severe weather continues in Texas mainly at present, with some tornadoes and large hail reported. Hope you are enjoying the activity Jimmy!

The weather highlight here this week was yesterday with extensive mid level cloud consisting of altocumulus undulatus, and altostratus with mammatus :)  Also a nice sunset. Models are tipping a rain event next week - we shall see.


Intercepted tornadic supercell and 5cm hail with Tim Marshall

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In Texas at the moment with my hosts Tim and Kay Marshall. Went out for a chase with Tim on Friday 13th 2007 and intercepted a tornadic supercell - unfortunately our position prohibited us from observing the half mile wedge near Seymour! We then headed south to near Fort Worth where we observed hail to 5cm in diameter. Of course the supercell went on to produce base ball sized hail as well as a few tornadoes along the gust front.

Awaiting another system of worth - in the meanwhile catching up with various items.