Floods caused by heavy rains Queendland 22nd February 2014

Queensland weekly rainfall 21st February 2014

Queensland weekly rainfall 21st February 2014

Recent heavy rainfall has cause flooding in the region Longreach - one of the regions reporting one of the worst droughts on record. Some regions have reported in between 100 to 200mm of rain with some exceeding 200mm. A stagnant inland trough created the environment for widespread thunderstorm development. The lack of overall wind shear meant that the storms were slow moving or almost stationary and this assisted in the high totals.

Some regions have recorded their best rainfalls since 2009. The landscape has transformed from drought stricken and dusty to widespread and rising flood waters typical of the channel country. The recent rainfall has come as a great relief and a boost to desperate farmers. More storms are forecast for the coming days as the trough moves further inland. A deep low over the Gulf of Carpentaria may drift into the Northern Territory with a trough over western Queensland.