Fast Moving Storms Sydney and NSW 28th September 2012


After a very warm day with gusty winds, the storms moved in during the night about 9-10pm. Being so high based, the storms moved rather rapidly and are already off the coast as I type. There were a few anvil crawlers and moderately frequent lightning flashes lighting up the sky. The rain was heavy but only for a couple of brief bursts.

See : 128km Radar Loop for Sydney (Terrey Hills), 05:00 28/09/2012 to 13:00 28/09/2012 UTC


Jimmy Deguara

21 thoughts on “Fast Moving Storms Sydney and NSW 28th September 2012

  1. Jimmy Deguara Post author

    Did anyone get some lightning pictures or captures from the anvil crawlers tonight? There were some decent lightning before the main rain came through. It is still raining and we should get some decent much needed rain before it clears to the northeast in the early hours of the morning.


    Jimmy Deguara

  2. Stephen Jarrett

    it sure did, I made the rainy squalls call in the past few days noticing how later models were calling on a precip contaminated environment as opposed to a pre-storm for most areas and must say EC did not do too badly at picking up the cloud amounts, it was not far off the money at all, definitely way better then 8/8 powder blue and SW'lies *shudders*

  3. Harley Pearman

    I went out to Orange with my friend Lance. The problem we faced was thickening cirrus cloud and the encroaching rain band to the south and west. Surprisingly, we located a boundary ahead of the rain band, then followed it back towards Sydney where cumulus clouds did build. Much of it was embedded within the cloud mass. We found a weak storm cell north of Bathurst but it moved too quick. It passed south over Mt Lambie. Embedded cumulonimbus towers did build around Lithgow but not worth chasing. We arrived back in Sydney just in time for the late evening storm event.

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