El Reno Tornado – Widest Tornado in History 31st May 2013

El Reno tornado widest tornado in history

El Reno Tornado lightning - becoming the widest tornado in history.

The El Reno tornado achieved a status that changed the way chasing is conducted. The widest tornado in history, this tornado exhibited behaviour rarely witnessed by chasers. It developed as a fairly large tornado and changed direction along its initial path, increased in speed and also doubled in size in about 30 seconds! Consequently, and unfortunately, it achieved a status of being the first known tornado where chasers were killed as a direct result of the tornado. More startling was that the chasers were very experienced - one veteran of the order of 30 years experience - Tim Samaras. It is quoted that had this tornado hit Oklahoma City just to its east, it would have caused destruction on biblical proportions!

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