El Reno Tornado Wall Cloud 31st May 2013

El Reno tornado widest tornado in history

El Reno Tornado lightning - becoming the widest tornado in history.

el_reno_tornado01Was at Dave Croan's place watching a video and we revisited the El Reno tornado! I have not seen much of Dave's footage but I was astounded to see for the first time his footage of the development of a wall cloud to the birth of the El Reno tornado! The time it took is 2 minutes! We watched this developing wall cloud almost from few clouds to rotating wall cloud that dropped a tornado in 2 minutes! This is something both he and I have never observed before - such was the incredible and dangerous dynamics of the day!

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  1. Glen O'Riley

    What's the chance of getting the strike and a good shot with the green background emailed to me Jimmy to use with my computer backgrounds? Very nice.

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