El Reno Supercell 31st May 2013 Revisited

Ok it's not hard to recognise this event - El Reno 2013. Just accidentally run the video and noticed a lightning bolt after someone reported from memory and the audio as well that there was a tornado at the time - ie the firs tornado from the El Reno event.
Anyone know where exactly it was. The lightning illuminates the base quite well . It seems there is a wall cloud in the region. Was the first tornado multi-vortex in nature and therefore not as clearly visible as a full condensation funnel?screenshot-from-2016-11-25-20-11-43 screenshot-from-2016-11-25-20-12-51 screenshot-from-2016-11-25-20-13-49 screenshot-from-2016-11-25-20-14-13

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