Storms NE NSW 17th December 2012


Dorrigo quicky

just a nice base on this one before moving east to coffs harbour and break up.. actually ran into jimmy on the way back from point lookout at ebor



  • I chased from Tamworth and just intercepted a cell as it exploded SW of Ebor. It exploded over the top of me so I got to see very little structure. All I know is the storm was marginally severe and I was concerned at one stage seeing trees arching in front of me! I have some footage of it as well as a strong squall with hail further up. Hail was pea sized – not sure what it was further back in the forest which I left and where most likely the core went through.

  • Entering the rain shaft before the base lowered.

  • Entering the rapidly developing core.

  • The storm drifting away