Ok lets make a comparison of the Wollemi / Mt Yengo fire - it has burnt out an area comparable to the size of Sydney metropolitan area - a map of sll the fires over 100 in our state - for those in the US multiply 1ha by 2.5 approximately so half a million acres one fire has burnt here we have over hundred fire incidents and several 100000 acre fires


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3 thought on “Comparison of the Wollemi / Mt Yengo fire 3rd December 2019”
  1. As unfortunate as it is, we will not have much if any of our GDR National parks left unburnt in totality by the end of this fire season.

    In hindsight of all the destruction caused, it’s safe to say the next couple of fire seasons won’t be as near bad. It’ll take a while for most of the ecosystem to recover, dare say some parts won’t ever.

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