Cold Pool 22nd October 2012

Looks like another brief cold pool racing up the NSW coast this afternoon with some showers or rain. Perhaps some storms along the coastal fringe! -28C is almost as cold as the other system! Again limiting low level moisture.

We'll see what happens. Does anyone think there will be snow along the coastal ranges on the South Coast?

12 thoughts on “Cold Pool 22nd October 2012

  1. Jeff Brislane

    Snow will likely fall on the highest peaks but probably only lightly and I can't see it settling.

  2. Jeff Brislane

    Could there be a possibility of a hailstorm that drops tons of small hail causing flooding and road chaos? There is certainly potential there.

  3. Jimmy Deguara

    Amazing though to have two particularly cold snaps in succession! I anticipate thunderstorms along the coast this afternoon near Sydney. Probably some light hail with such cold air aloft. Got my cameras ready.

  4. Jimmy Deguara

    Good on you Stephen that shows passion at the time if the morning!

    The cold air activity can be seen off the South Coast on 256km extended radar as I type 12:16pm. This is expected to impact the sydney region about 5pm period. The first 'warm' sector cloud band and associated activity is venturing north from Sydney. There may be a developing cell near Bilpin.

  5. Jeff Brislane

    I would also think that there is a very good chance of waterspouts. Cells down the coast are already producing lightning.

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