Cloud Types Photographs

Cloud are categorised based on 3 main types according to the layers they develop: high, middle and low clouds. Obviously, temperature and pressure drop as you as rise within the atmosphere where the clouds and weather are found known as the troposphere.

▶Low Level Clouds

» stratus-clouds
» stratocumulus-lenticularis
» stratocumulus-clouds
» cumulus-humilis
» cumulus-mediocris
» cumulus-congestus

▶Middle Level Clouds

» altocumulus-lenticularis
» altocumulus-mackerel-sky
» altostratus-clouds
» nimbostratus-clouds
» altocumulus-undulatus
» altocumulus-castellanus
» altocumulus-clouds

▶High Level Clouds

» cirrocumulus-clouds
» cirrus-clouds
» cirrostratus-clouds

Cloud Types and Descriptions   from the Univerity of Illinois

Observation Weather Techniques   Description of cloud types