Bushfires ‘coming into Sydney’s suburbs’, warns ex-fire commissioner

Let’s hope this doesn’t verify - remember my post last week about the documentary scenario of unprecedented losses in Sydney.

Bushfires 'coming into Sydney's suburbs', warns ex-fire commissioner


7 thoughts on “Bushfires ‘coming into Sydney’s suburbs’, warns ex-fire commissioner

  1. Nicholas Moir

    The daily mail is not exactly a reputable news source.they lift much of the stories from SMHand News ltd. I think the next week or so of mild winds will see a lot of backburn work in Sydney area.

  2. Nicholas Moir

    Then I reckon the northern flanks of all the fires in the Wollemi and yengo will make moves into the flatter hunter area. The southern tablelands is set and ready to burn hard and gets stronger winds at altitude so I’d expect that area to really blow up. If no rain follows soon then I’d expect ACT and Snowy Mts then VIC around feb

  3. Steve Dangerman

    I often consider the possibilities of that scenario when driving round my home state. In decades past building codes specific distances between structures to prevent fires jumping from a burning property to another, not any more. These newer satellite suburbs that are closer to vast tracts of bush have been built with less land clearing to put a decent buffer between them and the bush. The prohibition of removal of trees from yards for any reason because it is environmentally unsound by “Green councils”. That is another Canberra inferno in the making and not a case of it but when.

  4. Steve Dangerman

    But Stephen, there is a “Climate Catastrophe” Roger Hallam founder of “Stinky Rebellion” says so, The only way to stop it is to all become vegan, ban coal and fossil fuels by 2030 and turn every country into a Marxist paradise. Surely this would be preferable to burning up or drowning in massive sea level rises.😂

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