Batemans Bay Thunderstorm – 29/11/11

So last night was intense... There was an amazing lightning show, with constant lightning for about 3 or 4 hours! Theres a video below and some of the better pictures. I stopped trying to get any more video/photos of the storm roughly 2 hours into it as it was getting fairly dangerous to be outside... There were 3 lightning strikes with in 150 metres of where I was at the time, looking around today, a tree looks a little cooked. Any way, enough talk, heres the video and pictures: (I have a couple different videos, however this one was the safest to put on youtube, the rest are constant flashes and would certainly cause some issues with Epileptics... I've still put a warning on the video for people who do suffer from epilepsy and seizures as the flashing could trigger a seizure.)


Video: Batemans Bay Thunderstorm - November 29, 2011