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Dangerous Storm Warning Gold Coast January 6th 2014

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See : 64km Radar Loop for Brisbane, 04:00 06/01/2014 to 06:00 06/01/2014 UTC

The Bureau of Meteorology warns that, at 2:50 pm, very dangerous thunderstorms were detected on weather radar near Laidley and the McPherson Range. These thunderstorms are moving towards the east. Very dangerous thunderstorms are forecast to affect Marburg by 3:20 pm and Ipswich and Coolangatta by 3:50 pm.

Other severe thunderstorms were located near Maroon Dam and Mount Barney. They are forecast to affect Kooralbyn by 3:20 pm and Little Nerang Dam by 3:50 pm.
Destructive winds, heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding and large hailstones are likely.

This is the phase when it approaches and weakens near the Gold Coast most likely due to being overtaken by the gust front of a storm following and merging with it.

See : 64km Radar Loop for Brisbane, 04:00 06/01/2014 to 06:00 06/01/2014 UTC

Heat Wave in Queensland December 2013

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Heat Wave in Queensland December 2013 2

heat_wave_Queensland_31st_December_2013Temperatures in Central and Western Queensland have exceeded 40C for several days. Some records of been broken as a result of this heat trough. A temperature of 48.3C was reported at Miles on Sunday with several temperatures in the 44-46C range.

The heat wave is set to continue in regions such as Longreach with temperatures in the mid 40s expected throughout the week. heat_wave_Queensland_1st_january_2014 heat_wave_Queensland_2nd_January_2014