Apple In Labour Rights Wrangle

Apple In Labour Rights Wrangle

As Apple’s profits continue to decline the mega corporationsCEO Tim Cook has requested that the companies that assemble its products in China reduce their operating costs. The Chinese companies have compiled to this request by lowering the working conditions of their employees. This is the report coming from the China Labour Watch. This organisation is a Chinese labour watchdog group. They claim that because of the pressure from Apple headquarters the working conditions in some of the factories have gone below the set Chinese Labour laws. 


Although many of Apples loyal users would welcome the reduction in product cost, this report is bound to create unnecessary bad publicity for the firm. Apple devices are renowned for their security and dependability. Their App store which supports the devices they sell has Apps of the highest quality. The App Store is one of the few stores where users are allowed to download online casino apps and receive casino bonuses when they signed up. This has made the brand very popular among online casino game players. This and the resistance of the devices to malware attacks which can mean substantial losses due to identity theft and unauthorised downloads. 


Technically speaking Apple is not really responsible for the worker’s welfare in the factories that manufacture their products. This is because Apple outsources most of this work to independent companies. Apple has gone on record several times pushing for better-working conditions in the factories they subcontract. They have even gone to the extent of severing connections with factories that exhibited the worst working conditions. However, the case remains that as Apple continues to lower costs by outsourcing they are promoting the exploitation of labourers in the factories. Whether the firms are adhering to the labour laws or not Apple needs to closely monitor them to avoid getting its name dragged through the mud. You can visit for online casino apps.