Hi Jimmy,

Certainly been great to catch up properly and enjoy some storm chasing together too ! Today is a nice change to cooler weather after so many hot and humid ones, though I'll be sick of this in a day or two and want the thunderstorms back.

Still cannot get over that the storm on 26th October produced a tornado at Dunoon. Your footage is incredible !! Just did not think the shear profile had it in it, but obviously other factors came into place than is obvious from any soundings or GFS analysis. The tornado damage in Dunoon was an eye opener about what can happen. Have not witnessed such damage around here previously. A set of damage photos can be found here:

27th Oct Gallery



And some of the supercell structure on its journey from west of Casino, to the dump of golf ball sized hail southwest of Lismore:

26th Oct Gallery


By Michael Bath

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