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Hailstorm with Large Hail Mt Victoria and Central Tablelands 11th January 2019

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Another day another chase in 2019 with more hail and structure. The highlight for me and Tejay was being on the lookout at Mt Victoria with some great structure with perspective. This is the best storm I have observed from this location. After watching approach, I signalled to Tejay Lovelock that hail was imminent - he obviously knew this and moved towards Bathurst to leave the cell. I could only manage hailstones to 3.5cm in diameter and with rain falling and getting soaked and melt occurring I had to settle with this.

After this storm, It seemed down hill from here with training of cells with heavy rainfall and hail cores on radar in no man's land. Low and behold a blow out of the tyre! This had to be changed and restricted me to the east of Bathurst.

I was restricted from further distant cells so made a last ditched effort to go to the cell near Sofala. Beautiful scenery and a nice linear cell with green tinge. I had to go after this and head home!

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