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Supercell Mushroom Cloud – 4th November 2000

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Supercell Mushroom Cloud - 4th November 2000

On this day in 2000, I was in northern NSW chasing the region with a very favourable setup with surface lifted index values of -10. Of course, it was in the early days and little did I know at the time that winds can carry that very potent region further east! Well it mostly occurred on the Northern Tablelands  beginning with Dorrigo (billiard sized hailstones at 11am!) and then Grafton region later. There were several storms in this region and northern NSW during this event and the day after! This storm was observed on the road east of Inverell and just prior to descending the escarpment. Quite impressive convection. An impressive cumulonimbus cell developed near Grafton and Ballina region with cloud to clear air lightning observed from both storms!