Daily Archives: June 15, 2007

Katoomba received close to 1000mm so far the year

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Hi Jimmy, Yes the central part of the NSW coast is the place to be for rain this month. I note Katoomba is up to or close to 1000mm for the year. Meanwhile up here where we are supposed to have had more than that by this time of year and I'm currently on 20mm for the month and a pathetic 350mm for the year. Despite the low rainfall the area still looks green as the rain has been regular, just not heavy.

It's been good to watch the interesting weather patterns of late. It doesn't have to be here for me to enjoy what is going on.  Still looking interesting for a widespread cold outbreak next week, whether that translates to widespread snowfalls remains to be seen.

21.6mm of rain – wettest June for many years

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We enjoyed another 21.6mm of rain making this month the wettest June for many many years already and we are only half way through. More rian anticipated over the coming days.

Come to think of it: mid-June and I would have had to leave today - the 14th June to come back to Australia by the 16th. I think it is a great decision that I left early as not much action really has occurred since. Forget these frustrating close misses.