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Cooler change Sunday

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Hi Jimmy - yes the first cooler change arrived here on Sunday, with Monday and Tuesday quite cool with drizzle patches. Back to warm and sunny today.   Rodney and I took off on another road exploration of the Northern Tablelands on Sunday. Took a gravel road from near Tabulam to Legume - the Upper Clarence Valley - very pretty scenery. We then headed west of Tenterfield (after a fish and chip shop stop!) and then south via more dirt roads to Torrington - where Thunderbolt's Lookout is - amazing place at about 1200m elevation. It does require a 1km walk each way though it's not too hard. Would be an amazing place to watch storms as you can see in all directions.  The lookout platform even has a lightning rod. Would not want to be there when the storms are close.

Storms lacking

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You could have sent some of the current instability up here as a b'day present - have not had a storm in this area since Friday 9th !!   Though it is to be expected to get less events now. Not sure any of the new few days will support thunderstorms around here.