Daily Archives: January 22, 2007

Very hot hitting 41C yesterday. Cooler today

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Yesterday was very hot hitting 41C. Cooler today maximum anticipated to reach 34C. At least storms are on the list for the next several days to a week. I'll see how it goes with my car.

I have relatives arriving today. These are from Malta though arrived and have stayed in Melbourne for over a month. I have not seen these in person since the 1996 trip to Malta. For my aunty, this is the first time in Australia.



Expecting 34 today in Lismore

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Actually didn't notice they were goats on first glance, but can see them now - just assumed cows :)

You can have the heat, enjoying the warm but not hot days here though we got to over 31 yesterday. so we'll see.  Nice pool weather again. Rodney came over later, then we all went to see the movie Deja Vu.