Daily Archives: November 24, 2006

Possible chase though windshear not ideal!

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Yesterday was a dud for weather up here. Brisbane sounding revealed extremely dry air above 900 - no wonder nothing formed, except one shower busted through near Bellingen about 4pm. Today the low level moisture is much better and I expect some scattered cells mainly on the Northern Tablelands.   Very likely to chase after I finish my morning work even though the shear is a bit dodgy.


Prospects of rain next Tuesday after extreme bushfires

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Cooler morning and cloudy. And at least it seems there is some moisture evident. Well the moisture is in the form of cloud though not rain. There are prospects of rain next Tuesday and perhaps a few patches over the weekend. The inland is extremely hot though and the heat can at any time be advected towards the coast. The bushfires are still going - apparently Nick Moir the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper photographer suggested that the flames were exploding to extreme heights two days ago when the fire decided to make its move - very dangerous indeed.